Checklist Indoor pool

Opening hours indoor swimming pool

Monday - Thursday: 13.00-21.00 hrs
Friday: 13.00-19.00
Saturday: 14.00-18.00
Sun/holidays: closed

The indoor swimming pool can be used outside the official opening hours under the following conditions: At least one person of the user group is in possession of a valid SLRG lifeguard certificate (at least basic pool certificate). Please show this card when you receive your key. Exceptions for persons over 16 years of age: Competitive swimmers, members of the national squad or other good swimmers who use the pool at least in pairs.

By signing this user agreement, the person responsible for the group agrees to the following rules:

  • Adherence to the applicable bathing rules
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the indoor swimming pool! Violations may result in additional cleaning costs.
  • Supervision of swimming and/or bathing activities 
  • Assumption of full responsibility for accidents and damage caused by non-compliance with the bathing regulations
  • Strict adherence to the reserved time slots for use of the facility.
  • Groups enter and leave the bath together. The entrance doors will be locked afterwards.
  • Switching off lights everywhere when leaving the baths
  • Return the key and report any damage after use or at the end of the stay

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the withdrawal of the right of use and/or additional cleaning costs! The Sport Resort Fiesch declines any liability for accidents.